Steadman's Motocross Track 

Practice: Saturday Oct 26th | 9:00am - 3:00pm | $25/rider - cash only

 gates open 8:00am (sorry, no atv's at this time)


@Deseret Peak Complex

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Steadman's StadiumCross

Friday night practice

Saturday night racing

Details & Online Sign-up at

Sorry, No ATV's at this time

a grassroots mx facility

Deseret Peak Complex

2930 W Hwy 112 Tooele UT

Steadman's MX is currently managed by Grassrrots MX, LLC.  The track is open select dates out of the year and is not open on a regular basis.  As practice dates become available, we will post them on the website.   You can also follow us on FaceBook  at Steadman's MX Park
​Grassroots MX, LLC